My 7 Favorite Christmas Activities in Chicago

Growing up, Christmas, like so many other kids, was my favorite holiday. I had a lag in holiday spirit during my early 20s, but last year I started to feel ready to celebrate with vigor again and I personally think Chicago is one of the best places to delight in Christmas cheer! I am biased, I did grow up here but that means I know all the cool things to do! So here are my recommendations if you’re looking to fill up your holiday calendar:

  1. Have a glass of wine at Marshall Field’s Great Tree.


Sorry, Macy’s! We are never calling this the Macy’s State Street Great Tree. Marshall Field’s was a Chicago department store staple that went defunct in 2006 and was bought by Macy’s. Luckily, Macy’s kept the structure of the store alive since it’s such a landmark and continued the tradition of the Great Tree. Basically, it’s just a giant tree in the middle of a big restaurant but you can eat right underneath it and they have women dressed as fairy princesses wandering around granting wishes and most of the food is holiday themed.

PRO TIP: The food here has gotten worse and worse over the years and it’s really not worth coming for a full meal (especially now that it’s a buffet – so weird!), so I recommend skipping the long line to get a table and sit at the wine bar that is just to the right of the tree. You still have a great view and you can get a partial a la carte menu and just get the Frango Mint pie, a poinsettia (it’s sparkling wine and a splash of cranberry juice) and thank me later.

2. Shop local on the West Town Winterfest Jolly Trolley!


I was invited to the Jolly Trolley last year and it was probably the most fun I had all holiday season. Here’s how it works: you pay $20 to have a seat on the Jolly Trolly that is packed full of booze and Christmas music and people ready to shop! It stops at 4 different locations around West Town and you have about an hour to shop at each stop. They give everyone a little map of the area too so you know which shops might have special discounts or are giving out mimosas or free cookies! It’s a way to shop local for the holidays and have a great day out with girlfriends or family. Some of the people I met on the trolley have been going to this for years!

3. Enjoy a holiday concert. 


Last year, my sister and I went to see Hanson in concert for the holidays and they performed just their Christmas album. I didn’t expect to like it that much since it felt like it would just be a sing-a-long, but really it was so fun and the camaraderie in the room was infectious. So going to a pop-centered holiday concert is a new thing I love doing during the holidays. In fact, I’m going to see Brett Eldredge tonight! If you’re looking to still go this year, I hear Pentatonix is in town doing their newest album and so is the Trans Siberian Orchestra!

4. Bring your own schnapps to Zoo Lights. 

Zoo Lights is like a Chicago holiday requirement. Some years I’ve even gone twice! If you’re not from Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo lights up their zoo with a huge lights display and even some light shows displayed to music (Feliz Navidad! Mariah Carey!). One year, a friend and I went to Brew Lights – so fun! But it sells out fast. So last year, we decided to make our own fun and bring our own spiked hot chocolate to walk around the zoo with. It is almost all outside, so come prepared to be cold and definitely check out the ice sculpture display!

PRO TIP: Make a reservation for somewhere after if you are looking to have dinner. Places get bombarded by families and you will not be able to just walk in anywhere unless it’s a bar 🙂

5. Host a cookie exchange with friends!


Not in the mood to make 3 kinds of cookies this year? Easy answer: have your friends help. We’ve been doing this tradition of having a cookie exchange for the past two years and it’s so fun! Each person brings about 15-20 cookies and everyone takes home 4 or 5 types of cookies. We also added a fun element of doing a champagne blind taste test competition last year. We each had to pick our favorite sparkling wine out of 5 on the table. I won because sparkling wine is my JAM.

6. Go on a Christmas Bar Crawl of Wrigleyville. 

It used to be that your one option to see an awesome Christmas bar in Chicago was limited to Butch McGuire’s. Not the case anymore! Chicago has 3 or 4 holiday pop-up bars opening up just for December and most of them are all within a few blocks of one another! Wrigleyville has the most and a few friends and I might just make a pilgrimage to try them all out next weekend! Here is a list from Eater of all the bars that are dressing up for the holidays.

7. Take a holiday crafting class. 

Last year I took TWO crafting classes during the holidays and I had so much fun. One was at Bottle & Bottega and we painted wood pallets with little holiday sayings like “Let it Snow!” This year, they are doing holiday tote bag painting too! I also took a class with my favorite crafting queen of all time Jocelyn. Her company, J.Villa Workshop, does fun classes like making your own holiday needlepoint or your own decorations for wrapping presents. She is so calm and does a great job of teaching each and every one of her students. I’ve taken 3 of her classes and I am not a very good crafter myself so take that as a testament! She’s not offering any holiday classes this season (she just had a baby!), but she does offer private classes if you’re into that sort of thing.

Let’s Get Real About Content Creation

Every once and a while, I will see some posts or stories circulate around Instagram that talk about #sponsored posts. The gist of these posts are the following:

  • As a non-content creator, you probably don’t understand that we don’t just do sponsored posts to be annoying on your feed. It’s actually, in fact, because we are trying to make money!
  • Please like and comment on my post so I can make more money.
  • Please and thank you!

Usually, I see these posts and I commiserate, I’m all like, “Yea girl, PREACH!” because I too participate in doing sponsored content with companies and brands and like these other men and women I want to do the best job I can for a brand and they determine my ROI by reach and impressions and likes and engagement. The better all of that is, the more brands want to work with you and the more you can make money.

Add in the drama of Instagram algorithm that might hide your post from your community and doing brand partner posts can be really stressful. Let’s not start on the algorithm. Another post, another day!

I saw a recent Instagram rant though that phrased her frustration a little differently. It basically said, you know those posts you see that look “a little too perfect with a product prominently displayed and the captions that often feel fake?”, you should like and comment on them, it’s how we make money. She went on to say some good points about supporting that person because this is their job and it doesn’t take long to like or comment on a photo if you enjoy their content. Then she goes on to say, “Sponsored posts can be annoying, but if you can look past the cheesy caption and awkwardly placed product you’ll see a woman working hard.”

OK, here’s my issue. We as content creators keep putting this blame of not getting enough likes or comments on the follower/our audience. What if instead of creating content that looks “too perfect” or using “cheesy captions” that might feel authentic, we decided to try something new? What if we took the fewer likes or fewer comments as a kick in the ass to be like, “You know what, maybe I need to try some new things (poses, locations, colors, angles!), see what content my audience wants to see more of, take it up a notch!”

Again, let’s take the Instagram algorithm thing out of the equation because I see really creative, unique content out there that is getting suppressed and unfortunately it’s an issue but it’s a different issue than the one I’m trying to address today.

What I’m trying to say is that we as content creators need to take responsibility for that content we are creating and then ultimately how it performs. Creating content and doing sponsored ads is marketing. Marketing is a lot of trial and error and then strategy and execution. As owners of our brand and content, we should be constantly testing out new things in small doses, see if it works and if it does implement that across our strategy. If it doesn’t work, stop doing it or adapt it slightly and see if that affects your follows/likes/comments.

If you look back in the deep dark depths of my Instagram posts you will see a lot of trial and error that I did. For a while, I took a lot of black and white photos because I liked that aesthetic on other accounts I followed, but I quickly realized it didn’t lend itself to my personality. I am color, I am loud, I am opinions and the community that followed me could see that and wasn’t really engaging as much with the softer, quieter tones I was playing with.

Too often I feel like I see bloggers or content creators doing the same thing when promoting a product. 20 different bloggers doing the same pose, the same background, the same colors, using the same caption. If our content looks like the rest of the content for that same campaign, then how are people setting you apart from the crowd? Why would they want to like or comment on it if it’s seemingly inauthentic, tired and fake?

I have a lot of blogger friends who I give a lot of credit because they are constantly strategizing with their photographers or sounding boards (aka boyfriends or friends or colleagues) about creative and unique ways to stand out from the crowd and trying to cut through the crowd with their own authentic voices.


Their product placement makes me intrigued and that’s the whole point, right? I want to see something and be intrigued enough to not just like a photo, but also to swipe up or click that link in that bio! We may be content creators, but we have to be marketers first. That means knowing your audience, engaging with that audience, figuring out what works and what doesn’t from your metrics and then course correcting if needed.

That’s not to say you can’t have AMAZING content and it still doesn’t get likes or views (bc algorithm but again another post, another day), or that you sign a contract with a brand and they have very strict guidelines that you have to abide by which might limit how you can talk to the product or pose with the product or style your photo so I do get those limitations. I’m just encouraging us all to think about this process from the viewpoint of the client and our audiences because sometimes I think we lose sight of that obligation.

And it also doesn’t mean that the woman who wrote the comments above isn’t right. I agree it’s not hard as an audience member to like a post and support another woman trying hard to compete for business. Support, support, support. But let’s also as content creators not become complacent and keep adapting and doing things to deserve that engagement and support.

NOTE: I am not perfect. This doesn’t mean I haven’t done the things mentioned above. I definitely have taken a similar shot as someone, posed in the same way as someone, used a caption that wasn’t that creative. We all do it! Sometimes that’s what feels most authentic to you and you always gotta do you.

Sponsored Posts Explained

I have been on Instagram since its inception when my friend Jamie introduced it to me. If you scroll way far back in my Insta posts, you’ll see the proof in these horrible, horrible shots of grainy dark food shots.

Back then it was kind of the wild west of Instagram and people didn’t have to say if they were doing an ad or indicate it was sponsored because it was new and it hadn’t really been regulated yet. This was also back when I just had a personal account so it also didn’t really matter to me.

Then brands started to realize they could capitalize on these followings people had garnered on Instagram and sponsored posts started to become more and more prevalent. But if you’re not trying to get sponsorships or advertisement deals for your Instagram, how do you know what all of the different terms for sponsored posts mean. #ad, #sponsored, #partner – what does it all really mean? And how much money are people really making?

One questions I personally get a lot is if I blog for a living and the answer is a resounding NO. I don’t make nearly enough money to support myself from my blog or Instagram alone. However, some people do blog full time, but usually, they have a much larger following than I do which means they have a higher reach. Marketers want to reach a wide audience when they spend money on a campaign and people with 100K followers vs. 7K are usually more desirable. Makes sense! So how do I sometimes work with partners or advertisers? As a micro (very micro) influencer, PR companies and advertisers might be more interested to work with me because of my engagement. I might have a smaller audience, but that audience (aka all y’all) are very engaged with me which means you might listen to me as opposed to a larger blogger who could talk about the same product.

Not all sponsored posts are paid opportunities though. This is where I think people get confused the most. What is the difference between #ad, #sponsored and #partner!?

Legally if you are doing a paid for sponsor post, you must include the hashtag #ad or #sponsored according to the FTC. That means if I am getting paid by the company to create content, I have to disclose that I am getting paid to sponsor the product in question. That’s why so often bloggers or influencers feel the need to say, “Guys, this isn’t sponsored”, because for so long you didn’t have to say it was sponsored and people want you to know the difference between being sold to vs. just liking a product and wanting to talk about it.

If you see the hashtag #partner, that usually means that the influencer/blogger got the product for free in exchange for a post on their feed or stories. However, if you see something like #airbnbpartner, that does suffice with FCC as indicating that it is a paid partnership. Paid though can mean many things and sometimes paid just means getting product or expensive product for free in exchange for content.

Now that we know what these hashtags all mean, where does the trust come in? Well, I can’t speak for all bloggers but I personally only work with brands that already use and trust or do research on and find to be quality products that I think you would also like. To talk about Big Fig mattresses again, I received the mattress almost two months ago so I waited to do my review until I had used the bed a good amount to know that it was something I would recommend to you all. If I hadn’t liked it, I would have returned it to the company and not written the post but I truly do love the mattress. In fact, I’d like to be in that bed right nowwwww. If I also haven’t explicitly said this is a sponsored or partnered post, then know that I was not paid to talk about the product.

Dining out at restaurants is a tiny bit different. A lot of times restaurants will host an event or reach out and offer you a meal on the house. Right now FTC does not require you to say that is sponsored so usually if I get a free meal I will indicate that by saying, “Thank you so much to Restaurant X for having me!” or something to that effect so you know I got the meal for free. Same goes for if I got other product sent to me in the mail, I should disclose that they sent it to me for free to review or test.

And that is sponsored posts in a nutshell and hopefully gives you a better idea of how the whole sponsorship process works on our end and how we bring that to life for you!


Big Fig Bed Review: A Mattress That is a Little Bit Extra

Big Fig Bed Review: A Mattress That is a Little Bit Extra

Every year, my company has a big off-site meeting for the whole company (all 34 of us!) and we meet to discuss trends in the industry, things we can do to make our service better for our customers, and also about staying fit and healthy. Yes, my company rocks. But the reason we need to talk about staying healthy is that at a start-up you tend to overwork yourself to get the job done – and when you’re working on-site events like we often do at my job you tend to overdo it by not sleeping and then we would try to “make up” the sleep by just putting in 12 hours after the event was over.

Well, my world was flipped upside down when our CEO told us that he had recently read a book that said you can’t ever make up a good night’s sleep. Meaning if I only sleep four hours tonight and then tomorrow I put in an extra three to make up for it then I’m all caught up on sleep. That’s fake news. We all need a good 7-8 hours per night to recharge and have a functioning brain that can, in turn, help your family and your coworkers cause if you sleep well then you’re not a zombie.

That got me thinking about my own current sleep state. I was currently sleeping on a 10-year-old mattress that I bought right after I graduated college. I had recently been waking up with major backaches and had a hard time getting comfortable when I went to bed. I never sat on my bed to get ready in the morning because it would sag or was uncomfortable when I sat on the edges since they really didn’t have any support. I knew I needed a new mattress, but I didn’t even really know where to start.

Enter: Big Fig Mattress.


I first heard about Big Fig when I was asked to speak on a blogger panel at Dream Big Midwest and saw that Big Fig, the first mattress designed for a plus size body, was sponsoring it. I was immediately intrigued because how could a bed be that different for someone who is a straight size vs. plus size.

That’s why when Big Fig reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying out one of their beds, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see if this bed was really all it was cracked up to be! A few of my plus size blogger buds had already been trying theirs out and were giving them A+ reviews and I wanted to see if I would agree.

I got the mattress about a month ago, and I can wholeheartedly say that my experience with Big Fig has been nothing short of awesome and truly IS made with a plus size sleeper in mind. Let me tell you about my personal favorite features:

Edge Support

Remember before when I said I hated that I couldn’t use my bed in the morning to get ready because the sides had no support? Well, foam mattresses are notorious for that problem, but Big Fig is designed with a really firm foam around the edges so you can sit on the edge and not feel like you’re gonna fall off when you put on your tights in the morning. The edges also expand the sleeping circumference so it feels like your bed is bigger than it really is.

Hybrid Construction 

Traditional mattresses soften over time as the materials break down and for plus size individuals that can break down even faster than for a straight size individual. Granted, it took my bed a long time to break down (about 8 years), however Big Fig has a 20-year guarantee which blew my mind! Most mattresses don’t last past seven! Their hybrid construction of springs and foam gives a good mix of support and comfort and the individual wrapped coil helps the foam maintain its firmness. You can see the test results that show it can last 20 years with someone who weighs over 350 lbs.


No Mattress Sag

This was a big one for me. My cheap mattress I had bought all those years ago started to sag pretty soon after I bought it and I figured it was because it was cheap, not that it wasn’t meant for someone plus size. And we all get them right, it’s that sag in your mattress where you end up sleeping night after night because it’s your comfort position. Big Fig combats this issue with 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning. That’s over 50% denser than the foam in a standard mattress.

Since I got the Big Fig mattress, my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I sleep really well, and I have the added comfort that I won’t have to buy a new mattress until I’m over 50 years old!

120x240I have the Queen size mattress without the box spring mattress and the mattress by itself is $1699. You can actually do monthly financing on the mattress too which is great for your bank account to pay in chunks

The best news of all is if you use my code SASSY at check-out you will automatically get $100 off your new mattress! How awesome is that?!

I highly recommend this mattress for the best night’s sleep!

The Big Fig mattress was gifted to me for this review but all opinions about the bed are 100% my own. Using the links or codes I provide can help me earn a small commission if you shop through them. 



How Hanson Got Me to Move Back to Chicago

How Hanson Got Me to Move Back to Chicago

After tonight’s Hanson concert, I was inspired to tell you the story of how I came to move back to Chicago which is partly due to the band but let’s start at the beginning.

I always felt that I belonged somewhere other than the Midwest. This most likely has to do with my origin story. My dad is actually from New York City. He grew up in the Bronx and New Jersey and came to Chicago for graduate school where he met my mom who was a born and bred Midwestern girl. After my parents got married though they moved back to the East Coast and did stints in NYC, Connecticut and New Jersey which is how I came to be born in New York City. My dad always said we were the New Yorkers of the family that was always meant to be a nice little bonding thing, but to me kind of became a mantra.

When I started looking at colleges, I basically only looked out east and became enamored and eventually attended Fairfield University which is in Connecticut and only about an hour from NYC. Over the next few years, I rarely came back to Chicago. I think it was just too difficult for me since my mom passed away when I was a freshman in college. To go back would mean I’d have to deal with it, so I just stayed away from the memories. I wasn’t close with my family really at all during the seven years I was away from Chicago. In fact, I felt like an outsider with my dad and sister since they had gone through a lot of my mother’s illness while I was away at school so I felt like I had missed something and now they were part of a club I wasn’t privy to. I remember studying abroad and all my friends would call their parents daily, and I would sometimes avoid calling them during our scheduled Sunday night calls by saying I had homework.

After college, I moved to NYC (technically Hoboken but it’s really the same thing so whatever!). It was the place I figured I would stay forever. But from the beginning, it just didn’t seem to fit. Something felt off. The summer before I stayed in NYC to do an internship at a magazine and it had been the best summer of my life so I was confused as to why something about actually residing there felt wrong.

I lived there for two years trying to make it fit and work for me, but I was not happy. Looking back, it was a combination of a lot of things that just weren’t amazing – one being that the recession had just hit and it was a hard place to be at that time – but I think the big gap that was missing for me was family. I had neglected them for a long time and I ached to be back there. But I ignored that voice that was saying that deep inside me and instead kept trying to figure out what my life was lacking.

To my clueless self at the time, the answer was that I wasn’t writing anymore. I had taken a job in marketing and I felt that must be why I’m miserable. I’m writing copy and getting coffee, not writing like I should be! So I started applying to journalism grad programs…all of which just so happened to be in Chicago. I finally had that AHA moment when I started filling out the forms and realized what I wanted was just to be back in Chicago in general.

I started applying to jobs back home and applied to journalism school, figuring whichever came to fruition first would be what I picked. It took about six months to finally land a job interview at a decent company who actually flew me out on their own dime to interview in their office.

ENTER: Hanson. My flight was at 5am out of LGA – one of those commuter planes that leave every hour – and there was barely ANYONE on the flight.  I’m pretty sure I boarded last and walked to the back of the plane and who was sitting in the row in front of me but Taylor Hanson. Isaac was a few rows behind me. Each had a row to themselves and passed out promptly upon boarding.

I, on the other hand, had a minor panic attack. These were guys were from a band that I had been obsessed with since I was 13 and now I could smell Taylor’s hair from my seat! In between a lot of applying for jobs and getting turned down by journalism schools, I had started to think that maybe Chicago wasn’t what I was looking for after all and maybe I just needed an old-fashioned job change in New York City. But seeing Hanson changed all that. I took this as an omen that the interview would go well and if it did that I should take it and move back to Chicago.

The interview did go well. I got the job. I did move back to Chicago. I actually met some of my best friends to this day at that job. My family and I worked really hard on our relationships. And went to therapy. And here we are today: healing.

So thank you Hanson for being such an important part of my life journey. I owe you one.

Holiday Hallmark Movies That are Worth Your Time

It’s the time of year where Hallmark convinces me that I need to move to a small town in Nowhereville, USA to meet a baker, snow sculpture fanatic or Christmas tree farmer and fall in love and leave the big city behind because I am overworked and don’t know what the meaning of Christmas is anymore. This is my confession that I am a Hallmark Christmas movie freak. I’ve watched them allllllll.

So you might see why personally I think all Hallmark holiday movies are worth your time even if they are incredibly cringe-worthy and predictable, but if you’re someone who is new to this genre of movie and really like a storyline that makes sense and characters that have depth then not all the Hallmark holiday movies are for you! If you’re someone who needs a plausible storyline, then I have put together a list of movies I think you’ll particularly like and should go out of your way to record.

Snow Bride

My all-time favorite Hallmark movie and arguably the most obscure because GASP no one who was a child star is in it. The plot is actually somewhat unique: a tabloid report is competing with her coworker to get the inside scoop on the son of a famous political family since there is a rumor going around that he is going to get engaged on Christmas and she wants to be the first one to report it. The reporter ends up going out to their winter home to find him and somehow gets invited to the family’s holiday celebrations (the somehow is so wacky that it’s laughable but whatever!). What I like most about this movie is the chemistry (this is RARE actually!) between the two main characters and they actually learn something about one another during the hijinks which makes the story of them falling in love actually believable. They also have flaws, unlike most Hallmark movies.

Love at the Christmas Table

Christmas Table

It’s possible that this movie was actually first shown on Lifetime, but let’s pretend it was Hallmark. And if you want to watch it ASAP, it’s actually streaming on Amazon Prime! This is where my love for Danica McKellar Christmas movies began. I love this one because the premise just makes sense. It follows two families who spend Christmas together every year, which means the two main characters Sam and Kat have been friends for three decades when they realize this could be something more. You literally follow them from age 5 to age 30 and every year in between so each scene is a different Christmas they spent together so you see their friendship develop as well as their love, making it one of the more believable Christmas movies out there.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor 


This movie started the Hallmark Christmas movie season this year so it just premiered last week. I personally am a huge Jane Austen fan so anything that is based off her books is always a treat for me, but really the only thing remotely like Pride and Prejudice is that Darcy is a tiny bit ornery and Liz has to bring him out of his non-loving Christmas shell. Ignore the fact that some of the characters are named after characters in the book. For example, there is a Jane, but Jane isn’t Liz’s sister but instead the assistant to Wickham who isn’t evil. So yea, ignore that. Focus on the chemistry that the main characters have because they are good at making a very PG movie seem a tiny bit sultry with some bedroom eyes. Also, it’s safe to say now that I like Jessica Lowndes who plays Liz in this movie. Normally I find it hard to like her since I’ve seen her in too many Lifetime movies playing villains to see her as a “good girl” type but it works in this movie so I think I’m a believer.

Coming Home for Christmas 

Coming home

Another Danica! If you can’t tell already, she’s my favorite. I think she’s really good at convincing you she loves her costar…aka she’s good at acting. Anyway, the plot of this one is that Lizzie needs a job and lands one as a house manager for a large estate in Virginia while they prepare it to sell. Since it’s the holidays, the matriarch’s grandchildren are all home for the holidays including Robert who is intent to sell the house before Christmas and Lizzie feels drawn to him while also being pursued by her other grandchild Kip. Again, this feels convincing since she and Robert have to live together for a somewhat long period of time and get to know each other pretty well. Plus I find the main guy in this really handsome. Trust me, he looks better on the screen than in this thumbnail.

A Bride for Christmas 

brideThis movie is basically How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but with a Christmas twist so obviously I’m into it. Aiden bets his friends that he can convince a woman to marry him by Christmas, and he sets his sights on Jessie, a young woman who has sworn off serious relationships.

The main characters are quirky and cute and I love characters that don’t seem to quite fit the normal Hallmark mold of perfect guy and girl next door who have zero flaws but somehow can’t find love.


A December Bride

decemberThis includes one of all my favorite rom-com movie hijinks: fake fiancees! Layla gets broken up with right before her cousin’s wedding so she enlists an old friend Seth to go to the wedding with her and they start a lie saying they are dating so she’s not embarrassed to be the old maid at the wedding (I kid you not), and dating turns into fake fiancees because he needs help impressing his boss which a fake fiancee obviously does. The story is ludicrous but I love it anyway mainly because I love Daniel Lissing.


Making Creative Cocktails with Barrit’s Ginger Beer

Making Creative Cocktails with Barrit’s Ginger Beer

When my friends and I get together for a fun girls night in, we love to start the night with cocktails. In fact, back in the day, we used to get out my great grandma’s old punch bowl and do what we liked to call “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Punch Bowl”. Each person would get to take the punch bowl to their house and come up with a fun punch bowl recipe. It made for some pretty interesting celebrations let me tell ya!

The punch bowl has since been retired, but we still love starting our nights off with a cocktail. The problem always seems to be how do we make this cocktail fun and different (aka not a margarita!).

Enter the Mexican Mule made with Barritt’s Ginger Beer!


This cocktail involves our girls night in favorite ingredient: TEQUILA! It’s our go-to spirit so we were excited when we found out it was the secret ingredient in this recipe.

To make the most delicious Mexican Mule this side of the Mississippi, you will need:

  • Ice
  • Tequila
  • Jalapeno
  • Limes
  • Barritt’s Ginger Beer – comes in diet too!
  • Moscow Mule cups or mason jars if you want to be extra cute!


  • Fill the glass halfway with ice.
  • Pour 2 oz. tequila (about a shot and a half) into the glass along with 1 oz. lime juice and 4 oz. of Barritt’s Ginger Beer.
  • Add jalapeno for heat. You can also leave this out, but I can’t handle a lot of heat and this added some nice spice for me.
  • Stir it all up!
  • Garnish with a lime and drink up!


The Barritt’s Ginger Beer really cuts the tequila well. One of my friends even said she couldn’t tell there was alcohol in it! That’s a good thing because no one wants to be wincing after every sip, but also a warning to not add too much tequila!


You can look up where to buy Barritt’s using their website, but it can for sure be found at Target and Mariano’s (and even 7-11!).

We only tried the Mexican Mule last night, but Barritt’s also has great ideas for other types of cocktails like an Irish Mule or a Pimm’s Cup, so definitely check out their recipe section too!