Skip the Party Prep with Wendy’s Feed the Fam Deals

If you know me, you KNOW I love to entertain but I’m also a busy gal and sometimes meal planning, grocery shopping and then cooking multiple dishes for my guests just isn’t in the cards but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to host! I just want to ditch the party prep without sacrificing the idea of good food. 


That’s why I love the idea of Wendy’s Feed the Fam deals that can feed up to 6 people for only $14.99. They have a 50 piece Nuggets meal for $14.99 or a Family Chili Feast for $14.99, which were both perfect options for having my friends over to watch the game and nosh on some food. Wendy’s chili is made with fresh, never frozen beef and is perfect for those fall game days and Wendy’s has always made my favorite 100% white-meat chicken. Don’t sleep on their spicy nuggets btw - they are breaded in and marinated in a unique, fiery blend of peppers and spices! 

Wendy’s also has such a plethora of options for sauces - BBQ, Buttermilk Ranch, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, and Ghost Pepper Ranch, it’s so easy to put together a really cute and impressive nugget board like I did here. And remember, I said minimal party prep so all you have to do to create your own nugget board is go to Wendy’s, order the 50 piece nugget meal, take it home and start to plate it out. I put all the sauces in little bowls on opposite corners of the board and then filled in the chicken nuggets. And just for fun, I added some Wendy’s fries to glass champagne flutes with ketchup in the bottom of each cup! Fun for each guest to try some fries, snack on nuggets and of course try some chili. 

Your friends will be impressed with your set-up, but you’ll know that you were able to keep the prep to a minimum and your hosting budget low with this amazing deal. You can find out more info about this amazing deal HERE

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