Sassy Confetti Gift Guides 2020 - Part 2

Overwhelmingly I got asked to make one for the men in our lives – mostly dads but also hard-to-shop-for brothers and husbands and for that guy who just has “everything.” My dad is one of those people – he buys everything he needs for himself so shopping is hard! Here is a list of so items by category that I think will wow those special men who we can never shop for.


  • Recordable Talking Picture Frame – $17 – my dad actually got these for me and my sister when my mom was sick and had her record her voice saying, “I love you” to us. It’s one of my most prized possessions after we lost her to cancer. Didn’t mean this to be a sob story about myself, but I think these are a great underrated gift for family. Record your kids, yourself, whoever saying something funny or sentimental and watch the tears roll in.
  • Custom Puzzle – $18 – use any photo to create a custom puzzle for that special dude in your life. You know, for all that lovely inside time we have coming up in 2021!
  • New York Times Cover Puzzle – $50 – take one of the special dates for your family or relationship and have a custom puzzle made of the cover of the NYT front page for that day, month and year!
  • Morse Code Bracelet – $34 – A bracelet with a hidden message! Put your own secret Morse code message on a bracelet. Cool, sexy look.
  • Head Chef, Sous Chef T-shirts – $48 – t-shirts for your husband and your little one to wear when cooking.


  • Allbirds Wool Runners – $115 – so yes these are pricey but they are a great every day shoe and surefire way to get your dad to stop wearing his New Balance shoes that everyone begs him to throw out. Super comfy, waterproof, stylish but not TOO stylish.
  • Fitness Dice – $19 – now I wouldn’t normally call this practical but we are in a pandemic so a personal trainer via dice isn’t such an impractical gift now. 7 different dice with different exercises on each side.
  • Weighted Blanket – $79 – Bad sleeper? Get a weighted blanket and see amazing benefits. Do I sound like an ad? That was the goal!
  • Wood Docking Station for Desk – $52 – practical. Great for that work-from-home dad/brother/in-law…aka all of them.
  • Indoor Electric Grill – $36 – Bring the grilling inside for the winter.
  • These Truths: A History of the United States by Jill Lepore – $35 – History buffs will need this book.
  • Dark Matter Coffee Subscription – Varying Prices – If you are local to Chicago then you know the power of Dark Matter coffee. A subscription of the coffee straight to your house – priceless!

For the Home

  • History Coffee Table Book – $25 – really cool picture book of different historical moments captured on film. Great for a history buff and will also be a great addition to your coffee table or book case.
  • Sudio Femtio Wireless Speaker – $87 – one of the best bluetooth speakers I have ever heard (and I’ve had many). It’s waterproof, holds a charge for 14 hours, and again sounds so fabulous. I use it for my sing-a-longs in the shower but could easily be for a boat, backyard party, or the kitchen! Use my code SASSY10TYS to get the extra 10% off!
  • Personalized Whiskey or Wine Barrel – $65 – personalize a small whiskey or wine barrel (you get to choose what it says so it really can be any liquor) and this is a great idea to help customize a bar cart or for the kitchen.
  • Outdoor Collapsible Wine Table – $44 – great for the backyard or social distancing picnic. Easy to collapse and stick in the ground to hold up all your wine and cheese needs.
  • Movie Bucket List Poster – $15 – poster of 100 must-see movies before you die. You can scratch them off as a couple or a family as you watch!


  • Golf Club Drink Dispenser – $44 – a drink dispenser that looks like a golf club! For the dad that doesn’t want to waste his money on the golf bar cart. Also just a funny gag gift for the backyard summer bbqs!
  • Custom Pet Blanket – $65 – personalize a blanket for the living room with your dog’s face on it – or even your dad with your dog on it! These are actually really gorgeous so I don’t think a mom or sister-in-law would mind having this around.
  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – $40 – for the man who keeps his own hot sauce in his bag…swag.
  • Beer Preserver Koozie – $14 – miniature life preservers for your beers. Amazing stocking stuffer idea!
  • 5 Second Rule Board Game – $20 – one of our personal favorite family board games. You get 5 seconds to name 3 items from one category before the timer goes out. It gets real heated!