How to Throw an Effortless Friendsgiving with HoneyBaked

I am someone who loves entertaining. Got that from my momma (and my papa!). The worst part of entertaining to me is the prep for it. Some parts are exciting – like decor and table settings and a theme! – but prepping food for me has always been my least favorite part of hosting an event since it takes time away from hanging out with my own party guests!


This past weekend, I hosted a Friendsgiving with my friend Terri at her condo since she has an amazing dining room table, but it turned out to be pretty effortless so let me take you through what made it pretty easy for us and how you too can throw an effortless Friendsgiving for you and your friends.

  1. Outsource. 

Some years when my parents were hosting a LOT of people for a holiday dinner they would cater part of the dinner. They loved making the main course, but buying sides from a catering company helped cut down the level of effort they had to make and in the process, they got to enjoy their own party a lot more. This year I wanted to host a Friendsgiving but I didn’t want to have to miss half the party because I was in the kitchen cooking which was why when The Honey Baked Ham Company wanted to partner I was thrilled! I knew they had fully cooked entrees that were easy to heat up and serve, but I didn’t know about the many entrees they have as well that also heat and serve ready. In fact, they have 10 different sides that you can pick from!

We got the Honey Baked Turkey Breast, which serves 6-8, as well as six different sides for such a reasonable price. Not only did it cut our cooking time in half (maybe more!), but it saved us money too.

If you’d like to replicate this meal, I have a special code for you to get savings on a Honey Baked Turkey Breast.


2. Plan a smart menu. 

When we planned out our menu, we tried to pick as many of The Honey Baked Ham items that had the same oven temperature and baking times so that we could serve a hot meal! When you live in a small space this is a key way to menu plan! Luckily, a lot of the HoneyBaked sides could go into the oven together.


3. Set your table the night before. 

I do this even when I’m just having a few people over for cocktails and apps. Get out all the bowls, serving dishes, glasses, and decor the night before and set it all up without the food out. That way you only need to focus on getting ready before your guests get there. If you’re anything like me you are waiting until the very last minute to get in the shower!


4. Pinterest is your BFF. 

When putting together table decor, I always turn to Pinterest to inspire me. Since I was hosting the party with someone else, I created a decor board and then shared with her to see which ones she liked the best and then we pulled different ideas from each of the ones we both liked to create our table! Pro tip: shop NOW for your Thanksgiving tabletop decor. Everything is on MAJOR sale since Halloween is over and people are very much in Christmas mode. We got most of the things on our table from Michael’s and Pier 1 for almost 80% off.

We had the best time at our Friendsgiving celebration because of the time we saved with HoneyBaked. We truly put in the minimal effort for such an amazing time and delicious food. I highly recommend turning to The Honey Baked Ham Company for your Friendsgiving needs. They really hit the spot for us!

This post is sponsored by The Honey Baked Ham Company. Views and opinions are my own.