Sassy Confetti Guides – Part 3

Maybe putting together lists of gifts to get your friends and family isn’t hard, but shopping for yourself? Ok, that’s a little harder! I’m not going to lie, I don’t suffer from this affliction myself but I know putting together a list for your family can be hard so below are a list of a few things people might want to add to their personal wish lists for the holidays.

Clothes, Accessories & Jewelry

Chill Pill Pendant (without chain) – $5 – Cause everyone needs a reminder to chill and just breathe.

“I’m Speaking” Sweatshirt – $29 – $35 – Kamala Harris “I’m Speaking” sweatshirt

Knit Clay Polymer Earrings – $10 – On my personal wish list! Love these clay polymer necklaces – they are so lightweight and don’t weigh down your earlobes but also are super chic and cute!

Name Bracelet Stack – $18 – Get the names of your kids, your star signs, your pet’s names in a stack! So cute!

Cooler on Instagram Keychain – $10 – for your perfect Instagram/TikTok famous friend/self

Glossier You fragrance – $60 – my absolute favorite perfume right now. Light, not too fragrant and luckily doesn’t give me a headache (which most scents do!).


Air Fryer – $65 – I got one last year for Christmas and it was literally life changing! This one is so cute and retro.

Spatulas from the movie Friends – $15 – $35 – With Friends paintings and quotes. So cute for your Friends loving friend or family member!

Kitchen Mixer Attachment Organizer – $12 – a place to display your KitchenAid attachments in your kitchen. Easy to get to and use and helps with space saving.

Ceramic Spoon-rest – $21 – gorgeous homemade spoon rest for when you’re cooking!

What Would Ina Do? Towel – $15 – towel to honor your favorite Hamptons chef.

For Home

Confetti Embroidery – $75 – If this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen then clearly we have different taste lol.

Hard Seltzer Ornament – $20 – a six-pack of hard seltzer…for your tree!

I’m Not Coming Unless There’s Wine Candle – $30 – hand crafted, 100% soy candle with funny saying and smells good too? I’ll take 3!

Come Together Pillow – $44 – a pillow with a good reminder.

Colored Double Glass Vase – $25+ – Homemade, hand-blown glass candlesticks – partially colored/half clear wholly unique!

Your State Embroidery Hoop – $65 – Cute addition to any home office. Again, something I want off my own wish list!

Wall Vases – $24+ – Vases for the wall aka greens as art!

Personalized Bluetooth Cooler – $170 – OK, I want to add this to my wishlist. Bluetooth speakers are set into this vintage looking cooler that you can personalize with your family name, initials or song lyrics!

Faribault Woolen Mill Throw – $150 – Lovely throw and it’s machine wash ready. So many pretty patterns. Getting one of these for my Dad for Christmas. Hopefully he doesn’t read my blog lol.

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