Unboxing My First M.M.LaFleur Bento Box

Back in March, I told you all about my first experience with MM.LaFleur, a women’s collection of clothes intended for the workplace. Their goal is to take the work out of the dressing experience. This past fall/winter, they opened up a brick and mortar styling studio for people in the Chicago area to stop by and do styling sessions to see if their exclusive collection of clothes…and they serve you prosecco. Before they could finish saying ‘free bubbles’, I was running towards their doors.

My first experience was so great that I decided to also try out their Bento Box service. First things first, this is NOT a subscription box. You literally only pay for what you decide to keep. Even shipping to and from your home is free.

The whole process is insanely simple. First, you go to their website and fill out a form on your personal style for your MM.LaFleur stylist to get an idea of who you are.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 2.46.22 PM

I picked “fashion-forward” and “business casual” because I like to bring some of my personality into my work wardrobe even if I have pretty conservative clients. After you submit this you get assigned to a stylist and then wait about a week to get your Bento Box in the mail!

You usually get about 4-6 items in your Bento Box and it can include dresses, skirts, accessories or even jackets. Specify to your stylist what you prefer to wear. I told mine I prefer dresses so she sent more dresses and skirt options than she did pant options, which is what I prefer. But I also told her I was open to trying new things so she sent me a few things to experiment with and I was pleasantly surprised with one top!

Once you’re done trying everything on and deciding what you want to keep, return or exchange, you use a pre-paid label to send it all back! It’s easy to drop off at UPS store and you’re DONE! The simplest process ever and like I said before literally no commitment.


These were the top 3 looks that I adored from my first Bento Box and things I could easily see wearing to client meetings or even out after work is over (I mean that top with the jeans is a perfect happy hour outfit, right?).

Here were my big takeaways from the entire experience and why I think every corporate woman should try their services:

  1. I love that it’s not a subscription service. I’ve done a few subscription boxes and gotten ones where I didn’t love anything and then just waste $20 on a box of things I didn’t want to keep.
  2. If you want a different size, they will also replace that for you for free. A few of the things were too small so I sent them back to get a bigger size which was really easy.
  3. The best thing about MM.LaFleur to me is their inclusivity. They service sizes 0 through 22 and it’s so refreshing to be able to try something on and not be nervous that it will be too small!
  4. All their pieces are made with the corporate woman in mind. For example, that top I’m wearing in the photo above has slits on the side so if you sit, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or bunch up. A lot of the dresses are made with fabric with a lot of give for the same reason. They know you spend a lot of your day at a desk or in a conference room so the clothes are made with that in mind.

Final verdict: try it! You literally have nothing to lose since it costs nothing. If you don’t live near a brick and mortar store or you are very busy and travel a lot (hi, yes that’d be me), then the Bento Box is an awesome alternative.

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