A Confetti Review: Activated Charcoal Deodorant

I was recently sent a jar of PiperWai activated charcoal deodorant to review. And I thought what better place to test a deodorant than the hot and muggy state of Florida during a stressful event?!

The answer is none. Nowhere is better.

All right, let’s start with the basics. PiperWai was featured on Shark Tank (fangirl moment cause I love Shark Tank and like a product that made it to market, ok!) and it’s a completely natural deodorant. I am of course skeptical of anything natural because that usually translates to “does nothing”.

This deodorant is kind of like a putty material:


And when you apply it, you just scoop out like a dime-sized bit of the putty and then rub it into your armpits. Never thought I would write that sentence TBH!

Some notes before my review:

  • They claim it smells like a “spa” and I will say it smells faintly like a spa but also kind of like mint? I don’t know, there is something there that makes it not smell spa-like and more like I am one big Junior Mint.
  • The putty itself is weird to me. I’m used to applying with a stick (and they do have this in stick format, but it doesn’t get that great of reviews) so that took a little time for me to get over. I just don’t want to have to wash my hands after I apply deodorant!

Ok, now for the real review!


  1. Once I got over that it wasn’t in a stick format, I did like that you didn’t have to use a lot to get full coverage. One dime size for each armpit was sufficient. After about 2 weeks, I’ve only put a tiny dent in this pot of deodorant! So it’s worth the price tag of $15 for something you’ll use for 3-4 months – maybe more!
  2. It’s easy to transport. It’s not heavy and it’s not too big for me to put in my travel toiletries bag. Some deodorants are heavy or HUGE, so I liked that aspect.
  3. I LOVE that PiperWai is a female owned and driven company. It was started by two friends and I love supporting women.


  1. I did feel like I had to reapply after a long day – aka a day I was really stressed or after I worked out. So it works, but if you are someone is self-conscious I would recommend reapplying after a hefty work day or a work-out sesh.
  2. The smell. I kind of wish it was scentless. I don’t really love deodorants with scents anyway, so it was kind of a lot to smell like a “spa” every time I lifted up my arms.


I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it. I really wanted to LOVE it. Like, OMG I’m a convert to charcoal creme deodorant, but the scent and the fact that I had to reapply made me want to revert back to my non-natural deodorant – especially when I was here in Florida and around clients.

I will for sure keep trying it throughout the summer, so check back because I might have an update for you mid-summer. I’ve also heard that your body has to get used to natural deodorants and that you might spell more before you smell good once you switch over so it might have been I just didn’t give it a fair shot!

If you are interested in buying it, I linked it in my Amazon shop. It’s for sure worth a try if nothing else.


One thought on “A Confetti Review: Activated Charcoal Deodorant

  1. The best thing about charcoal deodorant is that it is all natural, organic and vegan-friendly. With all the evidence coming out about how bad aluminum is for our bodies, it is no wonder people are looking for better natural options in their deodorants.


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