Why MM.LaFleur is Perfect for the Corporate Curvy Woman

A common misconception is that I blog for a living. I blog for fun! I actually do have a corporate 9-5 job that I do and it requires me to look like a well-put-together human woman from time to time. I say time to time because I work from home so I only have to look put together on days when we have video conferences or when I go see my client or when I go to events for my clients.

Side note: I am an account manager for a tech solutions company. We work to create innovative engagement tools for corporations, which seems really vague becauseeee what we do is pretty diverse and problem-based. You have a problem? We find a solution.

Ok, back to my clothes. Finding somewhat edgy, but also conservative clothes to satisfy both me (edgier, colorful, fun!) and my client (more conservative, old-school) is hard to do, especially because I am curvy. I once wore a dress I bought from Eloquii to a work event that had cacti on it and people were like WHOA that’s a lot just because it had plants on it. So, MM.LaFleur ticks all the boxes. Their clothes have fun color, patterns, but still have conservative styles and some edgier pieces too.

Last night, I went for my first full-blown styling session and can’t recommend trying this out if in you live in the Chicago area. A styling session is free and you have no commitment to buy anything, but they for sure give you the star treatment and my guess is you will leave with a little something!

When you first walk in, you are greeted with slippers and prosecco! I love this because my feet are always the coldest part of my body and I’m always thirsty for bubbles.

You are then introduced to your stylist. Mine was Tricia and she’s amaze so if you want to request her – DO IT! Your stylist will then take you back to the changing area which looks like my dream closet:


Before you go to your session, they send you a quick questionnaire about your style and sizing, so when you arrive your stylist will have some outfits picked out for you to start trying on!


I tried dresses on first!

I liked both the cuts on the above dresses and feel like the black was super flattering, so I kept the black dress as a maybe!

Then I tried on a skirt and a top:


I don’t often find pencil skirts that I think flatter my body type, so I loved this and the top was something that could easily be tucked in OR be flowy so you could wear it with a skirt or with jeans.

Back to more dresses!

These ended up being my 3 favorite looks that I had to choose between. I loved the blue because it brought out my eyes, and I loved the cut of the green dress, but ultimately went with the plum color! The plum dress had pockets so it was obviously a clear winner and perfect for when I work events so I can hold my phone, USB drives, pens, etc!

I also tried on a few pairs of pants, a blazer and some cute tops, but none of them really fit the vibe I was going for. Except that blazer! I had need it! I will for sure be going back for it because I’m still thinking about it today and how it would be so perfect for meetings at corporate.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 3.01.37 PM

My big takeaways from visiting MM.LaFleur are the following:

  1. A lot of their pieces are really best when tried on. At first glance, the pieces might seem simplistic or boring, but the cuts are creative but classic at the same time which I love. So, just try it all on. There were a few items my stylist brought me and I was like hell no will that look cute, and I was wrong each time.
  2. Sizing goes up to 22W which is great. It’s not often I go to a store and they have my size in every single style or outfit I want to try on. They might not have every color, but they certainly have all the sizes!
  3. Everything there is machine washable. Ok, well not everything. But almost everything I tried on was. Great for girls who don’t have time to deal with dry cleaners and their odd hours.
  4. An appointment will only take about 45 minutes so it doesn’t eat up a ton of your time!
  5. Items are a little pricier than I normally spend on clothes, but the quality of the fabric is amazing and flexible and forgiving, so worth it to me for a classic piece I will wear consistently. This dress was $190 and some pieces are over $200 like the blazer. Some of the tops are around $70-$80. Again, worth it if you’re looking for pieces that will last a lifetime!

So my overall recommendation: try it out! You literally have nothing to lose and you might find some fun pieces.

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