Travel Essentials: Travel Hacks with Solo Cup

As you have probably noticed, I travel a good amount for work (and sometimes pleasure). Besides giving you some of my favorite packing tips and travel guides, I thought I’d also give you some travel hacks using one of my favorite brands Solo Cup.

I love traveling with Solo Cup products because they are incredibly durable and reusable, which are two very important things when it comes to travel. Great example, I use a Solo Hot Cup to Go to travel with and when I was traveling to Orlando for work a few weeks ago, my bags fell over while I was in the bathroom and the cup didn’t even have a dent in it! Luckily, it didn’t have any liquid in it at the moment!

So below are some of the ways I use Solo Cup when I travel. These items can all be found at your local grocery store so you can also travel smarter with Solo Cup.


  1. I like to bring all my plane snacks in Solo Bowls to Go. I used to bring my granola or candy for the plane in Ziploc backs on the plane, but everything would get squished by my computer and I’d be eating granola dust or squashed peanut M&Ms. Recently I discovered that these super durable bowls were a great alternative for when I’m on the go especially for on the plane.IMG_1181
  2. For a while, I have been traveling with a water bottle that I can refill after I get through security, but my cool one is glass and pretty heavy, so lately I’ve been bringing my water/tea in a Solo Hot Cups to Go and putting my glass water bottle in my suitcase for when I get to the hotel. This way I can drink my tea or water in the car, go through security with an empty cup, and then have Starbucks reuse when I get through security or refill it with water! The only reason I can do this is because the product is HIGHLY durable and doesn’t get soggy after one use. I can even use it on the way back home too!


3. Use Solo Bowls to Go for things other than snacks! I don’t have kids, but I have a lot of friends that do and one of their tricks while flying is to bring a bunch of random little toys and pull them out during the flight one by one so it’s like a little surprise every few minutes to keep them entertained. The Solo Bowls to Go are perfect for holding little toys and like I said before really durable and the top doesn’t pop off easily.


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