Travel Essential Series: Shop My Beauty Bag


I leave for Orlando tomorrow for work (eek – it’s gonna be a big week!) so I’m doing a travel essentials series for you guys! Earlier this week, I gave you a list of all my fave Netflix shows to binge watch on flights, and when I’m not at work dinners, and today I am going to share all my fave travel beauty must-haves!

Let’s start with what you need in your carry-on first. I fly a LOT, so I’ve learned over the years, especially as I get older, that moisture is key. That’s why I always fly with Evian facial spray and Rohto drops in my carry-on. A water mister probably sounds stupid, but it’s seriously changed my life on long flights. Spray it on a few times during the flight and especially after you wake up from a long nap. It’s refreshing and hydrating and just plain feels good! My eyes are naturally dry so I tend to travel without my contacts in if it’s an international flight, but if I’m just flying in the US, I always have Rohto with me. It’s like Icy Hot for your eyes and brings relief quickly and stays a lot longer than normal eye drops from the drug store.

To keep the hydration theme going, lately, I’ve been traveling with a lot of face masks and eye pads. My favorite eye patches are by Klorane:


There is nothing better than after a long day of work, coming back to your hotel room and just laying back with some cooling eye pads. Plus, hotels dry you out! I usually start with a face mask and then end with the cooling eye patches. My go-to masks are the Say Yes line. Particularly love their charcoal face mask!

Getting ready in the mornings usually has to be a quick and ready type thing for me. When I’m on-site for events, I usually work late and get up early. So a quick shower, some dry shampoo, and a perfume bath are usually what happens.

My favorite dry shampoo is by Batiste and you actually can buy travel sizes of it on Amazon! They sometimes have it at Target, but they didn’t this time so I’m traveling with a Tresemme one that I don’t love as much.

Finding travel size perfume is usually not fun either. Sephora sells rollerball version of most popular scents. My favorite is Marc Jacobs, which you can also purchase on Amazon as well. I also sometimes will buy some scents from Pinrose. They have little perfume wipes that I like to travel with and that also allows me some variety of perfume scents which you don’t usually get when you travel!

Best thing I travel with though is my Tangle Teezer. I get HUGE knots in the back of my hair if I don’t wash it daily (even if I brush it often), and I have a really sensitive scalp so getting the knots out is not fun. This brush somehow gets the knots out without hurting your head at alllll. They have a travel size which I just recently bought to take with me everywhere. Obsessed.

And that, my friends, are my travel beauty essentials!

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