Travel Essential Series: Netflix & Fly

I travel a lot for work, which means I spend a lot of time in the air! Most of the time, I have to log onto wifi and do some work, but sometimes I like to sneak in some recreational time and either read or sit back and Netflix.

I’m sure this isn’t news to a lot of people, but did you know if you have the Netflix app that you can download their shows so you can watch them without streaming!? This isn’t just great for planes but great for any kind of public transportation situation. So, I like to load up on some shows just in case I don’t want to use a lot of my battery whilst traveling. Below are some of my favorite shows available on Netflix now AND are downloadable (because not all of them are!).

Schitt’s Creek 


Oh man, this show gives me so much joy. It’s about a family who loses all their money and the only thing they still own is a town called Schitt’s Creek and they move there and small-town hilarity ensues. Eugene Levy wrote this with his son Daniel who also stars in the show. Things I love about this show: Moira’s accent, anything to do with Alexis, and 100% I want to be bff with David.

The Confession Tapes 


If you liked Making of a Murderer, you will like Confession Tapes. Each episode follows someone who was coerced into giving a confession and later backtracked claiming that the police made them confess to something they didn’t do. A lot of this for me was a did they/didn’t they guessing game. Some of the stories really made me nauseous that this is our justice system. Moral of the story: always get a lawyer.



Anytime I suggest this show, people are always like, ‘A show set in the ’80s about girl’s wrestling? Pass.’ But for real, this show is really funny and heart-warming and apparently based on a true story of a real-life show from the ’80s called “GLOW”. Alison Brie is really great in this as a struggling actress who answers an add to be on this new reality show. It’s short 30 min. episodes and I blew through the first season in one day. It’s cute, it’s quirky and I highly recommend.

Last Chance U 

last chance u

I am a thing for documentaries and this was one of the first ones I streamed on Netflix. It’s about a community college in East Mississippi that takes in players that have been removed from their Division 1 schools for disciplinary reasons to give them their last chance to possibly be recruited back into a D1 school so they can eventually go on to the NFL. The first season is fascinating and really sort of plays out like a Friday Night Lights episode meets The Blind Side. You don’t need to like football to like this!

Hasan Minaj: Homecoming King 


Hasan Minhaj’s stand-up comedy special is less stand up and more like a stand-up memoir about his life. He starts with how his parents met, how he lived for a long time alone with his dad in America while his mom was in India, and moves on to his life going up in California with immigrant parents. I learned a lot about the Indian culture during this special, which isn’t something I could say about others and it’s freaking hilarious to boot.

The OA 


This is one of those shows that I want to tell you to just watch without really giving you any context. If you’ve watched any other films of Brit Marling’s, you’ll know this gets a little out there in terms of storyline and content, but I love the storytelling of it and how it keeps you guessing at every turn. If you don’t like sci-fi, this is not for you.



The show opens up with a woman in a bathtub covered in blood but alive. Is she a victim of a crime or a perpetrator? We don’t know. Then we find out, this woman in the tub is the main character and she can’t remember what happened the night before. I love murder shows and I love psychological thrillers. This combines both. Marcella is a former cop who gets brought back onto a case because a serial killer has seemingly come out of retirement, but how is she linked to it? We don’t know and SHE doesn’t know which makes this show ten times more thrilling.

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