Oh Hi! This is Me.

Sometimes I forget that you guys don’t really know me. I mean, you know the me NOW (aka Sassy), but you don’t know high school Alex or grade school Alex or how I became Sassy, so here are some fun facts about me. And I might start making this a fun little feature because I’m just that interesting. Just kidding, but it is fun to go down memory lane.

  1. I was a debutante. Man, I loved that dress.


This one feels a little bit like cheating since I already used it for my first fun facts about me, but I find it to be a truly unique fact about me. If you don’t know, which I don’t blame you because it’s an antiquated tradition, a debutante or a “deb” is someone who has come of age and is presented to society. In the old days, after your debut, you were allowed to be courted or were eligible for marriage and you would go to a bunch of parties to meet a dude. Now, not so much. My mom was a deb back in the 1970s, so it’s a family tradition for us! I was presented at the Illinois Club for Catholic Women’s Presentation Ball to the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Chicago by my father. You get two escorts – so you always have someone to dance with! God, I have so many stories about my deb. More to come in the future, but while you wait, here’s me being quoted in the Chicago Tribune:


2. I’m only 5’2, but I’ve been 5’2 since 6th grade. This is a fun fact only because I played a lot of sports growing up and learned all of the “tall girl” positions like outside hitter in volleyball and power forward in basketball. Then, I went to high school and I was no longer tall and had to re-learn everything. The hardest was going from a hitter to a setter in volleyball. I know, so hard to be me!


That’s me on the back left (awkward years) when I was TALL during grade school.



That’s me in the front there, because you know, shorties to the front.


3. I wanted to be a writer my whole life. I used to write short stories about a family called the Que’s who had 6 girls (I was obsessed with people with large families at the time). I used to fill notebooks with these short stories and really horrible illustrations. No idea where they are now! I also had two editorial internships at magazines in New York City during college and was the News Editor of our college newspaper. And big plot twist here, I’m now a project manager which has nothing to do with writing whatsoever.

I wrote a column for the Daily Herald while I was in high school!

4. One of my best friends lives in London. This doesn’t seem that interesting, but you gotta listen to this story cause it’s a fun one. My mom studied abroad at Oxford and while there dated a British man named David. They stayed friends after she left Oxford and when he would come to the states for work, they would often get together to catch up. Eventually, they both got married to different people and David and his wife ended up having 3 daughters. Vicky is my age and Emily is my sister’s age so it was like having built in best friends! Vicky and I were pen pals throughout our entire childhoods and would visit each other almost every other summer in either Chicago, London or Orlando (we loved Disney!). Consequently, I spent a lot of time in London (or if we are being particular – Surrey) as a kid so it has a super special place in my heart. I was also in Vicky’s wedding and had a reading and people were like, “Why is there any American here!?”. It’s so hard to explain our connection so we usually just say we’re family.


Vicky and I are the ones in the lime green Mickey hats. We had to match because BFF.



At Vicky’s wedding in London.



Vicky and I with her daughter Jemima in Vancouver this year. We still try and see each other every other year at least!


5. I went to Catholic school my entire life – pre-school through college and used to be very religious. In fact, I was voted to crown Mary TWICE in my life – grade school and high school. You’re supposed to vote for someone who has the same values as the Virgin Mary so that should tell you something.


2 thoughts on “Oh Hi! This is Me.

  1. Nice knowing you through blogging world. I can relate to ” Catholic School’s graduate” That’s something I always brag about” :-). It helps me appreciate Catholic as a religion more.


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