Shop My Favorite Items at Able!

When I was in Nashville visiting my friend, we happened upon this store in The Nations called “ABLE”. As soon as I stepped foot in the door, I was obsessed. Everything was so cool and the vibe was just on point.


As we were browsing, the owner told us about the concept of ABLE. Basically, it’s a lifestyle brand that is focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. I love that they work directly in the communities they wish to impact – both locally and globally. And they invest mainly in women because they know that when women succeed so do the worlds they live in. According to UNICEF, women reinvest 80% of their income back into their families, while men only reinvest 30-40%. Yea, cause we bad ass!

So now knowing all that, I just hadddd to buy something. I ended up purchasing a druzy ring that day and now I am obsessed with perusing their website daily so here are a few of my favorite pieces at their store so you can shop there too and make a difference in these ladies’ lives!

Druzy Ring


This is the stunner that I bought while in Nashville. I recommend buying it a little big – I’ve been wearing it on what I call my ‘fuck you’ finger and am loving it. Am I married? Take a gander at my eff you finger.

Gold Rosy Lariat


I have a very similar necklace that I bought from a boutique here in Chicago and it was much pricier than the $42 it costs at ABLE. I like this because it can be casual or dressy and you can layer it with other pieces!

Tirhas Backpack


This backpack is giving me all the 90s feels and we all know the 90s is alive and well in 2018. This particular bag was named after one of the women that ABLE worked with to create the bag. I use a backpack when I travel for work and I love that this one looks very professional and not like a little girl going to class!

Feminist Leather Pouch


This leather pouch is on sale for $34! I have so many pouches – all for different things. One is my work pouch and it holds my eye drops, the special lotion for my dry skin, tissues, among other things. Then I have another I only use for traveling and it holds my water spray (great for long flights to stay hydrated!), more eye drops, gum, and eye mask. I like to keep them separate so I’m not constantly moving things from pouch to pouch and losing things in the process. Long story short, you can never have too many pouches!

Gabriella Bell Sleeve Pullover


I saw this in store and it felt sooooo comfy. I didn’t buy it because it was $100 (a little pricey for something I would probably wear in the comfort of my home alone), so I passed. But now it’s on sale for $68 so I might need to add this guy to my closet. It also comes in grey and navy.

Now let’s all go forth and support WOMEN.

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