The New Sassy

the last time i wrote a blog post, it was 2012.

here’s some context: back after i graduated college in 2007 (eek!), my friend meghan and i were looking for a creative outlet. we had both been on the college newspaper, were journalism majors and were now working in marketing jobs at magazines in new york city. were they our dream jobs? no. were we miserable? a lot of the time, yes. and our blog “working girl” was a place we could go anonymously to talk about how much work sucked and ways to make it more bearable. our vision for it was really to be a place where recent grads could go to get life advice. because in our eyes, no one had really prepared us for how different college vs. reality is. oh wait, i have to be here ALL day?

fast forward to 2012. we had a significant following. enough that the magazine meghan worked for were talking about our blog at the water cooler. so she had to take a break so no one would find out who we were. i kept writing but had moved to chicago and we no longer were writing blog posts together in our gross Hoboken apartment or making content calendars on the walls in our living room. the dream had lost its appeal. and so the band broke up.

i moved on to instagram: smaller bite-sized photos could show the good parts of my day – a different kind of escapism. like vanderpump rules, but healthier.


my first insta photo. it’s a beaut.


fast forward to 2018. last year, i decided to take this instagram thing seriously. i was getting frustrated watching accounts with somewhat decent photos get fun things for free and go to parties. ‘i could totally do that,’ i thought. so my goal of 2017 was just that. go to parties and eat free food. and it happened! and i got to meet other awesome instgrammers and eat free food and go to parties.

and now i have a new goal for 2018: to put myself out there more when it comes to sassy confetti. one of those ways was to start a blog again.

i hope if you do follow me on instagram that you feel i am authentically me (and that’s why you follow me!). i think i am. but one thing i don’t get to show off on insta are the more personal things in my life that aren’t so sunny and rosy. friends of mine will often say, ‘omg your life is so amazing.’ and i don’t disagree. i love my life. but it does have its downfalls and anxieties. and i want this blog to be a place where i can show the good, the bad, the ugly, the fashion, the food, and the places i travel. so i hope you stay and follow along.

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